Privacy Policy

Information shared in the CAUBO Online Community:
Privacy Information: 

We have taken steps to keep your personal information secure: Your personal account information is maintained on a secure server with appropriate firewall protection and security.

Your personal information:

By registering for the CAUBO Online Community, you agree to share the following information about yourself with other CAUBO Community members:


  • Your full name;
  • Your Email address;
  • Your institution;

The information you share with colleagues: 

You control the information you share in the CAUBO Online Community

As a CAUBO Online Community member you are solely responsible for the information you choose to share on the site. All information shared in a group is visible to all Community members of that listserv group.

Opting out of a CAUBO Online Community group:

You can choose to leave a group at any time. Each group is a separate entity, so when you “unsubscribe” yourself from a group you will continue to receive materials from other groups you belong to. When you remove yourself from a group, past messages and other content you have previously posted to that group will remain.

You can continue to belong to a group and turn off all email notifications at any time. You will no longer receive alerts of new discussions, resources, etc. You will then rely strictly on occasional visits to the site to view and read about the latest topics.