Divestment / Désinvestissement

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This Divestment Listserv is intended as a clearinghouse for information on divestment matters within CAUBO member institutions. The listserv is hosted and supported by CAUBO in an effort to share valuable information across the country.

It is specifically designed to facilitate timely communication among senior level treasury staff at Canadian universities and interaction between institutions such as open discussions or exchanging views, resources, documents and information on divestment matters.

Members are encouraged to share documents (policies, procedures, etc.) and experiences that may be beneficial for other university administrators facing divestment campaigns.


All members of the Divestment Listserv have been granted access to this group. Any individuals interested in being added to the group must send an email request and be approved by the Coordinator, Elizabeth Taylor, at CAUBO at etaylor@caubo.ca. If you wish to be removed from this group, please inform us by email.


The Divestment Listserv should only be used for the purpose for which it was created.  Advertising or off topic discussions are strongly discouraged.

While this is a moderated group, documents and discussions posted in this group are of a sensitive nature and should be considered confidential. Members should be aware of the sensitive nature of the topic and respect the privacy of all members by ensuring their documents and discussions are kept safe.

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